I help Companies quickly resolve EMC Compliance (and other compliance issues) Issues for Electronic Products.

If you arrived at this site looking for help with a electronic product  that has failed EMC tests (or any regulatory test) at a lab, the fastest way to get a product to pass, is to hire one of the many consultants that are available, including myself.

In recent years I have resolved most EMC issues in hours. I likely can resolve your compliance issues without traveling to you location and without your sending me a product to diagnose. All I need is your documentation and photo’s to review. That will save you time and money.

Do you want to try to resolve and EMC failure yourself check out my page: “Product EMC Failure – What Now?”

The Ugly Story

How I ran into the failure rate, was an experience on my first trip to a lab for Susceptibility testing of three products for Europe. Part way through susceptibility testing of the first product, the technician stopped the testing. He then started checking his test equipment for a malfunction and he seemed distressed. I asked what the issue was and he said that there had to be an equipment failure. When I asked why, he said all products they had tested in the past had failed by that point in the testing, so there had to be a issue with the test equipment. He didn’t find any test equipment failures so he continued the testing. All three products with me on that trip, passed with no changes.

After a few years I realized that the bulk of the products I was responsible for passed on the first trip to the EMC and Safety labs, where most other companies products failed on the first trip (some were fixed on the spot and then passed). After a lot of asking around I found out the failure on  the first trip to the labs was worse than I expected.

Some of he products I was involved with, passed Class B with no changes and more than 10 dB of margin to Class B, on the first trip to the lab. On a couple products the labs reported that they could find any signals out of the product and they reported the noise floor of the spectrum analyzer instead.  A number of the products were in plastic unshielded enclosures and only need to be Class A.

After thinking about why I was being successful, I realized that I did not really look at things the same way as others did along with the company had procedures that were different from most other companies..

If you would like to get your product to market quicker with no modifications, I can do a presentation for your company on how to do so (for a fee of course). Just drop me an email and I will provide a quote.

Good starting resources for someone getting started with electronic product compliance issues are:

http://www.ieee-pses.org and their compliance forum at: http://www.ieee-pses.org/emc-pstc.html and http://www.dbicorporation.com/standard.htm (the IEEE Sites are currently being revised and may be off line)